European HS Universal Clear 4:1 Mix Ratio

Introducing European made Clears and Primers from High Teck

  • European technology provides highest standard of quality
  • Designed to share the same activator
  • Priced competitively for the American Body Shop

    E9000 High Solids Universal Clear is a fast drying, high gloss, user friendly product for spot and panel refinishing. 4:1 mix ratio.

  • Improved scratch and abrasive resistance
  • High build UV resistant coating
  • Can be air dried or baked

Product Options

Item # Description UOM
E9970-16 European Universal Activator - FAST HP
E9000-4 European High Solids Universal Clear (4:1) QT
E9970-4 European Universal Activator - FAST QT
E9000-1 European High Solids Universal Clear (4:1) GL
E9990-4 European Universal Activator - SLOW QT
E9980-16 European Universal Activator - MEDIUM HP
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