The High Teck™ single stage factory pack colors-1400 series-is a user friendly, high solids, direct to metal, single stage topcoat that is great for the automotive diy marine and industrial markets due to the paints superior protective maintenance for surfaces exposed to humidity, chemicals and corrosive elements. This 2.8 VOC high performance acrylic urethane coating is designed for fast dry, excellent coverage, long term color and gloss retention. High Teck currently offers 18 of the most popular colors in the automotive industry.
  • Reducer (1070) also available for use with the 1400 single stage series
  • 2.8 VOC compliant nationwide and in Canada
  • Direct to metal
  • 50%+ solids
  • 850 sq-ft per gallon at 1 dry mil
  • Less than 30 min dry to touch
  • 24 hours to deliver
  • Sales support material available: booklets folders High Teck display board color card gondola display
  • 90+ deg of gloss
  • Pot life will be a minimum of 2 hours at 77 deg F
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