Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the warranty of High Teck tools?

We offer a 1 year warranty from the date of purchase on all of our tools. The tool must be returned back to the store it was purchased from to begin the return process.

Can I order High Teck Products online?

An online ordering option is not currently available through highteck.com. Our products are sold through Retail Automotive Parts and Paint stores. Please use the Dealer locator, (red highlighted button) “Find a Distributor” and enter your Zip code to find the closest distributor. There are a number of distributors who do make High Teck products available online.

How can I become a distributor?

We appreciate your interest in distributing our products! To better assist you please send your business name, address and phone information as well as the nature of the business to info@highteckproducts.com. We will review your information and have a Field Specialist reach out to you for further assistance.

Can the 77425-1 DTM 2K Epoxy Primer be used over plastic or do I need to add a flex agent?

Yes. Unlike most Epoxy Primer the 2K Hybrid gives you the flexibility and sandability that the normal 2K Urethane primers offer. Any bare plastic areas should be properly cleaned and prepped.

What do I need to do for panels I have sanded that have exposed some small bare metal areas before priming?

It is always best to properly sand, clean and prep the bare metal areas before fully priming. You can use a metal pretreatment wipe on the bare metal before applying the primer. Also you can apply a light coat of self-etch primer on the bare metal, then fully prime with a 2K Urethane Primer.

Why does the 77165 Flat Clear still have a gloss?

Flat clearcoats have a matting agent in them that will settle in the bottom of the can quickly. Use a mixing stick to make sure you scrape the matting agent up from the bottom of the can and shake for at least 3 minutes prior to spraying.

Why does the 77165 Flat Clearcoat Activator 7102 say 'High Gloss Activator'?

77165 is a matted version of our high gloss clearcoat that uses the same activator.

What does DTM stand for regarding certain primer or single stage paints?

DTM stands for 'Direct to Metal' which means if your metal subsrate is properly sanded and cleaned the product will stick to it. It does not provide corrosion resistance.

Can High Teck seam sealers 9274 and 9275 be used on bare metal?

No, the High Teck seam sealers need to be applied over a cure and sanded primer or paint. Do not apply over bare metal.